Dec 19, 2012


After the interviews we have thought about a better way to communicate the control of the cart to the player. When we changed the setting, all of a sudden we didn't had a problem anymore.

Design Modifications & Clarifications
  • Theme change from kart race to sledge racing down hill; De- and acceleration will be will be bound to the height of a player (not the physical height but rather how much does the player bend the knees)
  • Static 4-Player split screen with AI, when not enough players available.

Design Principles
  • Native input system: gestures and movements should correspond to real world actions of the in-game theme and
  • No tutorial text: There should be no tutorial texts because people don't want to read manuals on a public display; this is also very good if they don't know the language.

Task Breakdown
We both worked on the all the tasks for this week.

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