Dec 9, 2012



First of all, let's introduce ourselves. The team consists of Johann and Artjom. We are computer science students at the Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin, Germany. After countless semesters one can say, we can do many things, but designing the perfect UX (user experience) is not necessary among them. So we want to try and come up with something good and also learn a few things along the way.

The course of studies for a masters degree provides many different fields of study. Some of the interesting ones that will also help us during this project are:

  • Game Programming because we very likely will make a game,
  • several Neuroscience/-informatics courses because we know some things about human senses, which will be of help with the user interface design and
  • Processing Digital Camera Images because we need to process them.

As visual output device get bigger, while the electronics get smaller and cheaper, we see some new affordable ways to introduce this technology into our environment. One such way are public displays that are fully controllable without mouse or keyboard by passerby. Possible applications can include some useful information like an interactive floor plan at a convention, some type of game to brighten the day of people passing by or some kind of interactive ad like a 3D view on a new car prototype.

The were tasked with a project to create an application for public displays. We will use a depth camera to detect people in front of the display and recognize their gestures to build an interaction between users and application.

Public display representation of a person with a depth camera on top

The next posts will deal with user profile of our application, the brainstorming phase and project that we select from our ideas.

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