Dec 19, 2012


After the interviews we have thought about a better way to communicate the control of the cart to the player. When we changed the setting, all of a sudden we didn't had a problem anymore.

Dec 17, 2012

User Interviews

For getting external feedback or new ideas we created a set of interview questions that should lead into a conversation about our game concept.
To respect the interviewees right to privacy we will name our participants A, B, C during the further text.


As our project is a game for a public display, we want to show in an easy manner what can be expected. I hear "storyboard". Sure, coming right up!

Dec 11, 2012

GO - Initial Description

In the next weeks we will realize an action game with the development name GO. It will be a conversion of the classic game Mario Card, but it should be controlled without any tactile input devices. Microsoft Kinect hardware combined with a big public screen should offer a complete new gaming experience.
It will not only be a fun racing game, but also have action battle elements like the original game. So the natural control mechanisms will be very complex, but should be realized as intuitive body movements. GO will be playable with up to four players in split screen mode.
So in the end the game should offer a very funny and social experience while it will cheer each player on to be the best and win the match.

Dec 10, 2012

Initial Brainstorming

In our initial brainstorming we tried to collect very different approaches for applications and game ideas. Our main goal is to find something that could be interesting for a wide range of people.

User Profiles

Since our final application should run on public displays located in public buildings we have set ourselves the goal of creating something that is interesting for almost every person that is passing by. Not being scared of getting in touch with a computer system combined with a bit of play instinct should be enough for being interested to give our application a try. So as a first step it is necessary to isolate the different types of people that are forming our target user crowd.

Dec 9, 2012



First of all, let's introduce ourselves. The team consists of Johann and Artjom. We are computer science students at the Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin, Germany. After countless semesters one can say, we can do many things, but designing the perfect UX (user experience) is not necessary among them. So we want to try and come up with something good and also learn a few things along the way.