Dec 11, 2012

GO - Initial Description

In the next weeks we will realize an action game with the development name GO. It will be a conversion of the classic game Mario Card, but it should be controlled without any tactile input devices. Microsoft Kinect hardware combined with a big public screen should offer a complete new gaming experience.
It will not only be a fun racing game, but also have action battle elements like the original game. So the natural control mechanisms will be very complex, but should be realized as intuitive body movements. GO will be playable with up to four players in split screen mode.
So in the end the game should offer a very funny and social experience while it will cheer each player on to be the best and win the match.

To realize the split screen for four player it will need a powerful system to run the game on the public screen. Of course it will need to have a GPU with 3D acceleration support.
The joining and leaving of players could be realized match based. So you define the number of players while starting a new match. If a player leaves early, he will be replaced by an artificial intelligence. If the player returns or another one joins the game he will take over the bot controlling.
The interaction for driving should be easy to understand so that all defined personas can use this basic mechanic. The additional action elements may only be comprehensible to Mark and Tom.

Task Breakdown
We are two programmers who had worked together on several projects before. So a real task breakdown should not be necessary. But there should be a distinction between the two main tasks. One task is the game implementation and the other one is the input and control design, which we should divide among us.

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