Dec 17, 2012


As our project is a game for a public display, we want to show in an easy manner what can be expected. I hear "storyboard". Sure, coming right up!

Scene 1
1. There is a big display standing there with a person
waving from inside.

Scene 2
2. A persons shadow is waving at passersby? Maybe
they want to check this mystery out, if they have time.

Scene 3
3. The screen changes to a game situation. One of the
shadows is colored and also moves like player.
He can steer the little figure. It's a racing game.

Scene 4
4. One player can control one figure. The other drivers
are bot controlled, if the player doesn't know the moves
he or she can copy them from the bots. The bots can
easily be switched to real players by entering...

Scene 5
5. Another player joins the current game. Other people can
learn the game by watching the current players.

Scene 6
6. Players see themselves and their avatar on the screen
to easily coordinate movement with action.

The theme that we made here is summer cart racing. Another theme would be a winter sledge riding. Also not depicted are fun elements that we plan to implement.

1 comment:

  1. very nice and ambitious project idea! when implementing later and you realize that you lack of time, try not to build a complete game, but focus on specific scenarios and and user interactions! try to focus on few things and make them work perfectly!