Dec 10, 2012

User Profiles

Since our final application should run on public displays located in public buildings we have set ourselves the goal of creating something that is interesting for almost every person that is passing by. Not being scared of getting in touch with a computer system combined with a bit of play instinct should be enough for being interested to give our application a try. So as a first step it is necessary to isolate the different types of people that are forming our target user crowd.

Tom is 35 years old and an expert in using computers. He has always been very interested in technology. So he studied computer science and now he is a star in a big famous software company. When he was a boy, Tom has spend a lot of time playing computer games, but over the time he lost more and more of his interest in gaming. Today he needs to spend most of his day time behind a computer screen with his hands on the keyboard implementing complex algorithms. So in his free time Tom enjoys not using a computer and hanging around with friends or doing sports.
Of course he also knows a lot about social media and social platforms, but since he needs to use them for his job, he also tries to avoid them as much as possible in his free time.
Because there is such a big difference to his well known classical way in using computers, getting in touch with a public screen running a social or gaming application combined with new natural input mechanisms should awake his old passion for playing with new technologies.

Julia is a 38 year old secretary who has made her first experiences with computers when she started her job. But over the time she got more and more fascinated by computer technology and the possibilities of the internet.
Julia uses a lot of her work and free time to stay in touch with her friends over facebook by chatting, uploading and commenting on photos or playing social media browser games.
She owns a Nintendo Wii and loves to spend an evening with good friends playing sports or fun games. Even if her friends are not as enthusiastic as she is.
A public screen multiplayer game with natural input mechanisms should be very interesting for Julia. It offers her the possibility to explore a complete new input system while meeting new people face to face on a public floor and having a nice time.

Mark is a 23 year old guy who is very dedicated to computer games. He was never good in school because he spend all his time sitting alone in his room playing with his computer and consoles. His real life only consists of his simple job as a delivery boy. But in his virtual life he is KingUltra89, that guy who leads the ranking lists of all popular games.
His social life is defined by his many facebook friends, who mostly are other gamers he met online. Mark uses social platforms only to coordinate gaming sessions with other people because he more likes to play against other humans instead of an artificial intelligence.
He has not much experiences with natural input mechanisms like Kinect for XBox 360 because his preferred games don't have support for them. But since he had already used many different gaming platforms he is experienced in adopting  new control systems.
A good game located in the public and with multiplayer support could redefine Marks real life while combining it with the things he likes in his virtual life. So it could get him out of his room and back under humans.

Miriam is a 19 years and an apprentice in fashion trading. She is not really interested in computer technology. Even if she owns a smartphone, she uses it only for staying in contact with friends and work mates through social platforms.
From time to time it could happen that she is playing some multiplayer party games on a console in a group of good friends. But mostly Miriam is not very interested in computer games.
So it could be hard to catch her interest with a public screen game if she is alone. But if she is on the move in a group, she will maybe give it a try and have a fun time.

person expectations experiences Eason user category
Tom technical innovation expert primary
Julia social experience average primary
Mark competition expert primary
Miriam being part of group first-time secondary

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