Jan 22, 2013

The Implementation - Iteration 2

After we made the two prototypes and tested then we found that some adjustments had to be made.

Adjustments in the game design

These adjustments were made before we did the heuristic evaluation. We just published them a little later.
  • Crouching is not as native as we thought for acceleration and also at least in the gesture prototype very buggy: We will change the scenario from sledding to skiing. The proposed gesture is to lean forward to accelerate.
  • Originally we wanted to draw the skeleton or the user shape on the edge of his or her screen space. We saw in the prototype that this breaks the game feeling, because it is ugly. We will change the user representation by changing the shape of our little characters and move it with the movement of the user.
  • But that change presents itself with another caveat. The user cannot identify oneself. We want to experiment with the RGB camera to take one photo of the user's face when he or she enters and draw it in one of the corners.


From the beginning we wanted to make an item system with offensive "things". The minimal requirements arrr:

  1. Basic snowball can be thrown basically every time with a short cool down phase. This one just flies in the driving direction of the player. But the ...
  2. Hyper super duper snowball can be thrown after collecting it on the track. It will find its way to the leading player.
  3. When a snowball hits a player, he or she will stop immediately, but can continue the race.

Gesture Prototype videos

The first video shows some of the movement "controls" for the game prototype:

The second video shows the action component "control":

In the upper right corner can be seen an image of the player's head that is cropped from the RGB image of the Kinect. It changes and is focused on the player.

Animation Video

To be able to represent all the possible user movements by the game characters we needed a good animation system. In this week we put a lot of effort into the development of such an own South Park character animation prototype. The following video shows the final results that are implemented in the game now.

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