Jan 15, 2013

The Implementation - Iteration 1

For the first iteration in the implementation phase we were focusing on the most important functionalities. The goal was to create a stable base for all further implementations.
The first step was the development of a full functional sled racing simulation to have something we can start optimizing the input system for. After that we were able to split the work into two jobs.

Game prototype

One job was the extension of the racing simulation to a full functional and good looking racing game.
Additionally we agreed on a the South Park theme of the game.

  • Camera movement
  • Distinguish between "road" and "off road"
  • Arrow buttons controls
  • Split screen to test the multi viewport performance
  • Viewports with createGraphics

Gesture prototype 

The other job was the integration of the OpenNI System to make the game kinect compatible and develop a good natural input system.

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