Jan 28, 2013

User Testing

In the past week we are in the position to make the first user testing. We met 2 people that we didn't talk to before and encouraged them to do the Think Aloud method meaning tell us their thoughts during the race.

Test setup

We only needed a very simple test setup. On the notebook we have the game running connected with a Kinect camera.
User testing setup
Disclaimer: Not the actual place of user testing.

Short description

We met up with two users. At the beginning we showed them a video of people playing a physically intensive Kinect game to prepare them for the overall task and equalize their state of experience. After that we offered them separately the possibility to play our marvelous ski game.

Basic information about the users

The users were not the people we interviewed previously to prevent a bias, because we didn't want users with Kinect experience or information about our game.

  • A man called M is 45 years old and never had a computer.
  • A woman called W is 32 years old and used a computer only for some office work before.

They are perfect test subjects to test a video game that should be very intuitive.

Major issues

  1. Acceleration is not working
    • Solution: It works, but the threshold for forward leaning must be adjusted. Also we may change the field of view to create a fast skiing effect to really feel the speed.
    • Severity: 4, but easily fixable.
  2. The user has not really understood where he/she is located on the screen.
    • Solution: We plan to make further adjustments to the viewports like explicitly write "Demo Player" at the top of the viewport or desaturate it when it shows a bot in there.
    • Severity: 2, some adjustments will follow, but not necessarily the ones described and probably not all of them.

Minor issues

  1. The players did't really feel the steering, so we want to add the effect of displaced snow when steering, if we have the time.
  2. The user didn't get that a race already began or already ended, because we didn't implement it yet.

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